Sunday, June 28, 2009

06-21-09 to 06-27-09

06-27-09 Saturday
Wow a PF day !!! WOOOHOOOOO it is good to be me sometimes LOL
I have to keep my sense of humor intact if I didn't I'd probably go mad. Cheers for my PF days and not feeling like a bullet in the head would be cheaper and hurt for a shorter time frame.

06-26-09 Friday
TGIF! No CH Attacks again today that is at work anyway...came home made a Yummy fruit salad had some dinner...and got an attack around 10:30pm this one was air pressure related again. I never liked roller coasters anyway and I wanted off this air pressure roller coaster bad. Spent some time in the bathroom with a hot cloth and rocked in my room for about an hour or so. Then it was off to bed to sleep like the dead again I was exhausted!

06-25-09 Thursday
I was very tired from lack of sleep but muddled through the work day without another CH attack. Fell into bed totally exhausted tonight and slept like the dead.

06-24-09 Wednesday
Wednesday was pretty much the same as Tuesday without the afternoon attack and with a whole lot less sleep. I suffer from insomnia occasionally and it hit with force tonight. I had a CH attack wake me from a nice sleep, rocked and moaned my way through it since with my new promotion I need to take especially good care of what medication I have an when I use it. Again saving Imitrex for work usage. I didn't get to sleep until well after 3am and had to get up for work the next day...

06-23-09 Tuesday
I took today off from work as well as Wednesday to celebrate my promotion and to decompress a bit from work. I had a mild CH attack today around 4:30pm and got through it with hot cloth application and a bit of rocking back and forth and pacing.

Then night time came...Oh Lord why me! I was awakened 3 times during the night with more CH attacks they were still mild but enough to wake me each time. Once I woke I rolled my self over and forced myself back to sleep. Who wants to stay awake or alert for a CH attack NOT THIS CHICK!!! If they are mild enough I can still force myself back to sleep or at least a deep meditative state close enough to sleep to work. If it's day time forget it I'm awake to suffer my way through it.

06-22-09 Monday
This was a banner day for me No.1 no CH attack, No.2 I finally got that promotion I've been bucking for at work YEAAH!!! No more phones head-phone or other wise WOOHOO! Now I can sit and work in relative quiet why I have a CH attack, that is after running for the Imitrex. I say relative quiet because, I work in a place with over 1000 people in it so it can get noisy at times but that's much better than the noise I had drilled into my ears for the two years prior. To say I am thrilled about this is an understatement! Jumping up and down for joy.

I start next Monday 06-29-09.

06-21-09 Sunday
Used hot cloth and hot shower today and during the evening for a 5 & 7 kip. Some days it just doesn't pay to be me. I wish I was really good with mind tricks I would just give myself an out of body experience and leave during a CH attack.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

06-14-09 to 06-20-09

Well I've had better weeks...

Saturday night 06-20 11pm the CH beast came knocking again it was boarder-line nasal or shot I opted for the nasal being as I was at home and didn't need to worry about work issues. Took about 40 min before I was able to breath with some relief and the pain started to diminish...probably should have used a shot, but I have to pick and choose which battles to win or loose with my CH devil. I wouldn't say I lost this one but I didn't win it either...lets just say I tamed the beast a bit.

Thursday 06-18 4pm I had another milder attack so I ran for the nasal imitrex at work again. Needless to say I save the nasal imitrex for mild attacks and take it right away when I feel the twinge other wise it is worthless.

Wednesday 06-17 3:30pm I got hit at work again...had to use a shot and literally muddled through the rest of the day. It's rough when in your job you are required to speak almost constantly and during an attack the simple act of speaking is to put it mildly extremely difficult. Before during and after a CH attack my speech is difficult to say the least, finding words that I need and saying them is nearly impossible. I mess up words when I try to say them and that's if my brain can find the word I need to use at the time. My speech sometimes becomes slurred like I'm having a seizure or something. I have even had a supervisor ask me if I was drunk before due to this. (eyeroll) Um No I don't drink nor can I drink any alcohol as it is a CH trigger. Needless to say it did kind of tick me off when he asked me that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 7th thru June 13th

Had another nice week with exception to the following...

Had CH attack on Sunday 6-7-09 wound up scrambling for the imitrex shot again. This one was BAD. As I have stated before I usually try to save the shots and nasal imitrex for when I'm at work and suffer an attack but there was no way I was getting through this one with out help. The rest of the week was quiet with no CH attacks until Friday 6-12-09 ... it figures had comp time from work and worked only 1/2 of the day and was off the rest and wouldn't you know it I got hit hard Friday afternoon/evening. I only had one imitrex shot left and one nasal and can't get refills until tomorrow (6-15-09) so I used the nasal instead of my last shot and suffered for a little over an hour.

Then came Saturday 6-13-09, and hells bells rang in my head again! This time both my children were over for a visit and had to witness me suffer through one with out any medication. My son was helpful and continuously refreshed a hot cloth for me. My daughter put her foot in her mouth and offered me a Tylenol! LOL Yes I am laughing about it now but at the time all I could say was "You've got to be kidding me!" When I could speak again I asked her the following... "How about I take a red hot poker and stick it in your eye until it hits your temple area, and then offer you a Tylenol for the pain?" She just looked at me with complete non-understanding and left shortly after. I know she doesn't understand and I'm sure it bothers her to see me like that, but it doesn't seem like she really wants to understand or even remember her continual fopa's in offering aspirin or Tylenol to me during an attack. She has done this many times and each time I and my son inform her that neither will even touch a Cluster Headache.

My son is more understanding because he's suffered from Migraines since he was about 2 years old and knows to some extend what I go through. He was very caring with an arm on my shoulder, holding my hand, hugs and continually refreshing a hot cloth. These are simple things but for any who suffer from CH they know how important these little things are. If you are a relative or significant other of someone who suffers from CH remember these things, they may be small but if you can offer the simple aid of a hot cloth or an arm on the shoulder, a hug or holding their hand, these things mean a great deal to us!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

May 31st Thru June 6th

This past week felt like a gift from heaven compared to the previous week.

I had a CH attack on Sunday May 31st and a Mini (2Kip) on Monday 6/1/09 then PF (Pain Free) days until Saturday 6/6/09. Yesterdays was a real Bugger... (Kip 9) usually if I am at home I will suffer through the CH Attack in order to save the shots etc for work attacks. But yesterday there was no way I was getting through that one without running for the Imitrex shot. I waited a tad too long to take the shot as it was hoping it would level off or start to die down, no such luck. Took me a bit longer to recover (become PF) even after taking the shot.

I'm hoping to have another mostly PF week and with a little less stress. Things have been a bit stressful at work, as I've been trying to transfer out of the department I am in (which is hard to do). I am on the phones with headphones strapped to my head every day for 8 hours and this doesn't help at all with the CH problem. There are times when I just want to chuck my headphones across the room during a CH attack.

*PFDAN-Wk to all!!

*Definition/meaning of: PFDAN-Wk - Pain Free Day And Night - Week