Sunday, August 22, 2010

08-22-10 Sunday

Well I'm still on 8 hours mandatory OT at work, hence the sporadic postings.

Still fighting the CH beast and am lucky to get 1 day per week with out a CH hit. I am still on a waiting list to get into see another Neurologist that specializes in CH and migraine issues. Can't wait to get in to see him.

Recently I was on the message board and a member there mentioned the affect CH has on his personality and how that in tern affects his family.

Here is how I look at it;
Dealing with CH is a little like dealing with a death in the family. You go through stages, denial (not a river), Anger (yes the "Shining" does come to mind), and despair/depression (can be as deep and wide as the ocean).

These stages do not go away after the initial diagnosis is made, this is a continuing state of mind and existence for a CH'er. For many CH is a life changing experience, one which we all would rather do without! The denial, anger and despair/depression are like a revolving door a CH'er keeps going through them one after another, over and over again. Hey who wouldn't after day in day out getting poked in the head with a red hot fire poker?

The importance of talking to your family and having them talk back can't be stressed enough. Explaining this to family members can be difficult, but using the above analogy and explanation may help them understand what you are going through.