Saturday, February 27, 2010

2-27-10 Saturday

For those of you who think you are having a hard time lately here's what happened to me this last week.

My day started at 3:30am being woken from a sound sleep by one of the worst Cluster Headache hits I've had in awhile there was no way I could drive in the condition I was in so I had to call off work . My shots weren't even working on this CH attack. Then as the pain finally started to leave around 1pm, I checked my bank acc. to make sure I had funds to surprise Dad with a nice B-day dinner for him...WELL someone got a hold of my bank card information and had started to clean me out. So far I'd lost 360.00 plus from my acc. and they were trying to clean me out the rest of the way. After about an hour or so on the phone with the bank, I had to go down and file a police report on fraud to my acc. Nope days not over yet... My son Ty has moved back home from the dorm at the college, (I'm glad and it's nice to have him here ) but the poor kid was sent home from college yesterday with a nasty stomach virus that put his girl friend in the hospital, he's ill and worried about her. I've been checking on him on and off to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated enough to warrant a hospital visit neither of us can afford.

Wednesday Through Friday:
**Were supposed to be vacation days off work.**

Fairly uneventful with exception to dealing with a few CH hits and a police detective regarding Tuesdays discovered fraud on my account.

That Is Until Friday night / Saturday Morning 2:13 am was woken out of a sound sleep by a Loud BANG and a car speeding away. Looked out my bedroom window to see that some one had hit my Jeep (keep in mind we live on a one way street) in the front drivers side corner and knocked it back up onto the sidewalk! This Drunk, (I assume Drunk, because with 2 feet of snow on the ground what dumbshit is going to drive back wards up a ONE way street in the middle of the night?) totaled the front drivers side quarter of my jeep.

So On top of being robbed 360.00 plus from my acc. I now have to shell out a 500.00 deductible.

Pics of the damage the drunk dumbshit caused will be uploaded later today. My son was an awesome help with taking pictures of the damage and trying to keep me calm.

Thanks Son your help was appreciated!

Pics of damage:

Huydai Damage 8

Huydai Damage 7

Huydai Damage 6

Huydai Damage 5

Huydai Damage 4

Huydai Damage 3

Huydai Damage 2

Huydai Damage 1