Sunday, January 17, 2010

1-17-10 Sunday

Well hello again and a belated Happy New Year!

I've been busy working massive amounts of mandatory OT at work. How many different ways can one say, I'm Frigging BEAT!!! Up at 4am, leave at 5:30am, at work by 6am and don't get home until around 5pm. YAWN.................

Anyway I have had many CH hits since my last post and gone through more shots than I can shake a stick at. Have been hit quite a few times at work recently and scared the crap out of our new tech and one of the supervisors to boot. They were so freaked out that they offered to drive me home and when I refused that option they made me go to the "sick room" at work...What a joke. I spent 25 min. in a darkened room (the sick room) in a recliner with a sink in the room, waiting for the shot I'd just taken to take affect. I went back out to my desk and both of them came to me asking if I was ok, well stick a red hot poker in your eye twist it around a bit until it feels like your eyeball is about to pop out, take a shot, and then work on recovering from all that. You ok ? LOL My reply to them was "I will be eventually..." I have found it is best for me to keep busy while waiting for a shot to take affect during a CH hit, other wise I just want to break something or rock back and forth and cry until the pain stops. I finally got this point across to our tech, but we now have a New supervisor and am waiting for the freak out from her. I might have prevented this though or at least I hope I have, I sent the "letter" to my tech a few weeks ago and I think she's discussed it or forwarded it to our new supervisor, as I'd noticed funny looks shooting my way the other day when I had a CH hit, from both the tech and sup. along with whisperings between the two. From what I gathered later on the new sup was asking the tech how I was doing...she was told "shaky, but ok". Damn right I was shaky LOL

Anyway I have had anywhere from 1-5 CH hits per week the last few months and have had to fight my way through a few with out a shot or waiting for the freakin nasal imitrex to work. The weather is playing havoc with them as well, I don't know what I did to piss mother nature off, but I have been apologizing profusely for what ever slight I might have cause her.

Just wanted to update while I have the chance since, we are still on mandatory OT at work I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to post again, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Till then Stay Pain Free!