Sunday, August 30, 2009

08-23-09 to 08-29-09

No large CH hits this week, but did have shadows on Tuesday and Wednesday and a bit more than a shadow on Saturday got up to a 2kip. Sometimes I think the shadows are more annoying than the hit itself. Shadow say it's coming here's a twinge of pain as a reminder of what's to come. But if all you get is that shadow twinge for an hour or so sometimes longer you start to think alright just hit me and get it over with so I can take my abortive and have done with it.

Remember this guy ?

I was feeling a bit noyd this week, except with out any pizza.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

08-16-09 to 08-22-09

Well, it would have been a pain free week except for my own stupidity...

It was Monday or Tuesday can't remember which day now, it's been one of those LONG AZZ weeks. ANYWAY I had ordered some nice net lights to decorate a wall in my house with, they came in the mail one of those two days. It was 6pm and still 86 and very humid out and I decided they had to be hung now! Um MORON it's still 86 and humid as hell out and you have no air conditioning, did you really need to do it NOW ???

I paid the price, got over heated and had CH start to hit before I was done....
I was Kicking my self at the time. To top it off my children both have a habit of calling me on the same night sometimes at the same time, I swear they must call each other and plan this out LOL. So my son calls just as shadows of CH are starting and no, I wasn't done hang the net lights yet. I'm panting out of breath so I sit an chat with him for a minute or so then go back to hanging the lights. Then my daughter calls, I'm panting again when I race for the phone and hot as hell, shadows are more than just shadows at this point. I make it a quick call, with an explanation of what's going on and that I don't want to leave the job half done.

I get done plop down in my chair and look at my handy work...and promptly turn the lights off, start rocking and chugged some ice water. It was not too intense thank goodness (3 Kip) and was over when I finally starting cooling off.

My own damn fault but hey the lights look good.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

08-09-09 to 08-15-09


No Feindish typing on my blog this week!!!

I'm Off to play with my new Mp3 player!

Wishing you a Pain Free Week too!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

08-02-09 to 08-08-09

It's been a rough week.

08-04-09 Tuesday 12:30pm got hit with CH demon at work and suffered for about 1/2 hour and could take it no longer, it just kept going up on the kip scale. I hit a 7 before the imitrex shot kicked in. I blundered through the rest of the day my concentration and speech shot all to hell.

08-05-09 Wednesday 10:30am I got hit again a milder one that the previous day but still bad enough to use the imitrex nasal. I was a mess for about an hour and a half, then started feeling better.

08-08-09 Saturday 12:30pm I got hit again at home (4 kip) and used a nasal. Still had CH shadows for the rest of the afternoon.

I've noticed that with my work schedule change my CH attacks have kept up right along with it. I get up earlier in the morning now and unfortunately my CH attacks are waking up earlier in the day too. Still get them occasionally at night but with the herbals etc. I've been taking they have left me alone at night lately, Thank GOD!

All in all over the last month with new herbals added my frequency and intensity has gone down, so I still remain hopeful that my body doesn't build up an immunity to the herbals and go right back to the same ol' hellish roller-coaster ride with the CH attacks.

Need to keep my stress factors down too, I've had a stressful week so that didn't help.

Until Next time have many PFDAN's !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

7-26-09 to 08-01-09

The Weekend wasn't so bad then the week began...

7-28-09 Tuesday I got hit with a mid day CH attach it was mild so I managed to get through it without taking anything even though I was in training again for my new position in the Company I work for. (3) kip.

07-29-09 Wednesday This one was UGLY got hit with CH at around 10 am tried to wait as long as possible to take shot since the trainer was in mid diatribe on processes. 10:30 rolled around and I could wait no longer as she had already accused me of being in attentive (You try paying attention when the devil is taking your brain and twisting it up like he's wringing out a washcloth.) So I run for the imitrex without a word to the trainer but did inform the girl next to me who was already aware of my battle with the beast.

... this was the longest it's ever taken me to recover from a CH attack, I didn't start feeling (awake, alert) like myself again until around 3pm. 5 freaking hours of feeling like a truck ran over me not once but several times and not being able to think or speak correctly.

I am still on my herbals that I've added to my CH fighting daily regime and have upped the Kudzu by an extra capsule per day. For the most part until this week that is the frequency of them is down, if not the intensity.

**Note** for those who chug Caffeine and Taurine Lased drinks to help kill a CH attack, such as Red Bull…

I have a friend who used to drink a lot of Red Bull which has both taurine and caffeine in it; she recently had to stop drinking it on Dr's orders due to the Red Bull causing a severe stomach infection.

If you are getting severe stomach aches, Red Bull could be the cause, so be careful how much Red Bull you chug if that is your Caffeine & Taurine Lased drink of choice to help fight the CH beast.

Personally, I take a Taruine supplement daily and I am a coffee drinker so I add my own caffeine without any other additives other than cream and sugar.

Ingredients in Red Bull

Red Bull article I found on it at snopes...

Cheaper place to get your supplements (GNC's kind of pricey) I use...