Sunday, April 11, 2010

04-11-10 Sunday

I have been working anywhere from 5 to 8 hours over time at work, still. I need a Clone to get done all the things I need to in my personal life aside from work stuff ugh...
Anyway I'm still having a rough time with the CH beasty, still get them constantly year round but seem to get more of them in spring and fall. Have one shot left to get me to the 15 when I can refill prescription again. May have to fork over the 200.00+ bucks to get an additional shot pack to get me through the next month since my meager surplus is GONE.

I've been using an Invacare 5 oxygen generator which actually maxes out at 5-7 LPM it does help, takes a bit longer and a bit more often uses to get me out of a CH hit but at least I can conserve on my shots of Imitrex.

Oh Doc why won't you just prescribe the O2 I need for CH ? If I gave a crap about my blood O2 levels I wouldn't have smoked for years, dumbass. It is a proven medical fact that O2 helps with CH and is probably healthier than all the Imitrex I am forced to use to kill a CH hit. Spend a few minutes checking out all the research, info and all the other CH sufferers that use O2, instead of writing off a patient that is suffering.

Other Stuff;
Got my Huyndai fixed, my son made the deans list again :D and my daughter got a new dog a beagle named Blue. Dads doing ok, but he's been having the same barrel of laughs as I have with CH hits. Note the sarcasm.

Till next time Stay Pain Free!