Sunday, October 25, 2009

10-18-09 to 10-24-09

Keeping this short today as I have many things I'd like to do today. I'll be working 10 hour days as they have up'd the over time again to 8 hours per week at work, I will still try to keep up with my blog, but don't be surprised if I miss a weekend and catch it up later.

Had kip 2 on 10-24-09 got through without abortive, I believe this one was air pressure related and according to the pressure reading at that time it jumped .06 points in an hour. I got lucky considering I've been hit a lot harder with smaller air pressure drops or hikes.

Had Shadows twice this week at work, no abortive used.

Had Kip 8 on 10-18-09 and had to take an Imitrex shot.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10-11-09 to 10-17-09

Saturday 10-17-09
What a day... 1st got hit with Kip scale tipper CH attack and took the Imitrex shot. Side affects of CH hit were the usual speech and thinking with the added eyeball jittering good time, NOT. Makes it hard to read when your eyeballs are jumping around in your head.

Then to top this day off...I was going to treat myself to a book I've been wanting to read and started to head to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book...Well I got the jeep started, turned on the windshield wipers and couldn't figure out why some of the water streaks weren't going away...GUESS what ... Those aren't water streaks. Some Asshole neighbor kids were out playing in the street,(not a good idea anyway) and so I was told, one of them kicked a soccer-ball and it bounced off my windshield cracking it. MY ASS KIDS, I know better, I've seen them kicking and throwing rocks in the past and a neighbor down the street not long ago had the same problem with a broken car window, due to thrown rocks by the same kids. One of the kids parents said they would foot the whole bill and let me know that it would be unlikely for me to get reimbursed by the other kids parents. The last incident with these same kids the one that actually did it, his parents refused to pay a dime and the "nice" neighbor guy paid it all. After dealing with the police (yes I called them) and the nice neighbor guy and the ins. co., the not so nice kids parents showed up (at least they did that much) he was rather nasty and said "I'm not paying for all this!" and "There is no proof my kid did it." Um lets see 3 witnesses say he did dude. By this time I was really pissed, I told him he'd be getting a bill from my ins. co. and slammed the door in his face after his wife made a threatening move towards me. Damn by this time the police were already gone and I was tired of dealing with assholes.

So now I have to take a day off work for estimates and repair, (that's going to make work real happy especially at this time of year, NOT). I will be paying out of pocket for this mess since the fee is smaller than my deductible, which is 500.00 at least I won't have to pay that much. Both parties involved will be getting a copy of my bill, we'll see who pays up.

Wednesday 10-14-09
I had another CH hit this evening was milder but still required abortive. Used the nasal (I hate that stuff) and probably should have taken a shot instead. Took too long for the nasal to work and by the time it did I was up to Kip 6 and in a lot pissier of a mood.

Sunday 10-11-09
Had nasty CH hit in the evening Kip 8 took Imitrex shot and a few min. later all was right with the world again, except for the usual CH side affects, screwed up speech, and thinking.

Monday, October 12, 2009

10-04-09 to 10-10-09

Had a one hit wonder this last week used the Imitrex nasal since it was a milder hit. Luckily I took it soon enough for it to work.

Aside from that I haven't been feeling well. I've had major stomach cramps all week and had a sore throat on Friday. So my Dad being the worry wort confused that he can be sometimes went out and bought some fresh cranberries and two oranges to make up a fruit relish cure-all for me. I have to admit aside from being tasty I do feel a bit better today(Monday 10-12-09). I have been working massive amounts of over time at work on top of this and think I am beginning to get a bit run down from it, not much I can do about that since the over time is mandatory. I worked 6 days last week of 9.5 hours or more each day and was off Sunday and Monday (today). Now next week I will have to get 6 hours of over time in, in 4 days, UGH.

On a lighter note my son turned 21 on Friday 10-9-09 and his friends took him out for a proper 21st birthday. Gladly my boy is a smart one and drank copious amounts of water as well throughout the night and only had a short lived mild headache the next morning. His comment to me was... "I won't be doing that again!" At least he had a memorable night, emphasis on memorable. LOL

And last but not least, my wire haired Jack Russell pilfered a potato from our pantry yesterday. This served as a reminder to Dad to close the pantry door. oops

Until next time... Hope you have a PF Week!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

09-27-09 to 10-03-09

Another week and another set of CH hits, if only it was good music instead...
Feeling a bit bitchy about the whole CH thing right now so I'm keeping this weeks post short. I've been dealing with this long enough, you'd think I'd always be able to let it go and roll with it, but sometimes it still gets to me.

Saturday 10-03-09
Had CH hit this one was air pressure related. After I took the Imitrex shot and was feeling a bit better I checked the barometric pressure for around the time of my hit and the following are the results:
2:54 PM, Sat 3 October 2009 Pressure: 29.8in
1:54 PM, Sat 3 October 2009 Pressure: 29.83in

Again took a hit when pressure dropped .03 in an hour.

Friday 10-02-09
Had air pressure headache today just took over the counter pain aid.

Thursday 10-01-09
Pain free day wooohooo!

Wednesday 09-30-09
Got CH hit at around 9pm took Imitrex

Tuesday 09-29-09
Had shadows at work today, didn't take any abortive.

Monday 09-28-09
Pain free day wooohooo!

Sunday 09-27-09
Got CH hit mild hit but required abortive used Imitrex nasal.