Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday 7-05-10

Just a quick update on my battle with CH.
I've not gone one full week without a battle royal with the Beast we call CH.

I have had to stop the Kudzu due to adverse reactions of various sorts and red bull is not an option for me either, tears my stomach up too much. I am still using the O2 at home and Imitrex at work for CH hits. I am also still on the Verapamil SR since it works better for me than the non SR and I take 320 mg to 480 mg per day.
I drink about 4-5 cups of coffee per day to help keep the beast at bay, this has helped at work, when I feel a CH hit coming on I go for a Fresh cup of coffee. I still take an allergy pill at night, Cetirizine; which is the generic form of Zyrtec to help avoid night time hits. This does help me get more good nights sleep than bad. I still can not use melatonin since for some reason it is a trigger for me, so an allergy pill it is.

In the past two weeks I've barely gone a day without a CH hit, be it mild or kick ass wicked. I don't think the high heat temperatures are helping, but then again neither do the stormy conditions.

For milder hits either at work or at home, I have begun using deep breathing to help avoid a full blown CH hit, it has worked for me on more than a few occasions.

Here's to hoping for just One pain free week, Ok so I'd settle for a day, but would prefer at least a week!